Gosh, a blog…

Oh no, not another one!

This is a slightly cynical move on my part, as it was suggested to me that blogging would increase my online visibility, which is a good thing as I am currently “seeking new opportunities”. So here I come.

However, it is true that I had been tempted to blog before. It’s just that I couldn’t think of things that I thought would be really interesting to write about for anyone out there to read; or that there wouldn’t already be ten  similar discussions on the same subject – why add to the noise? Also, sometimes (always?) we software engineers really think that the stuff we do is dead-boring to anyone else. Well, yes, ok. Still, some people may be interested. Maybe. It could depend on how it’s written.

A note about my name. When my parents gave it to me, they didn’t realise that all my initials put together made “PHYL” (my middle names are Heinz and Yves). Besides the amusing fact that this pronounces like a shortening of my first name, this is handy for the online world in which we live: it’s good that  my everyday name is not that common to start with, but if I also use my initials, then I’m getting pretty unique (as far as a Google search assured me). So, this explains why my blog’s address starts with phylasnier.

Let’s see now how this blogging thing is going to pan out…

About Philippe Lasnier

A French- and British-educated professional software engineer with over 33 years of broad experience and a solid history of developing high-quality software for large and small companies across a range of applications and different industries; particularly experienced in C, C++; the development of middleware, internal components, core code, and APIs; solo, in a team, or as lead of small teams. Recognised for high-quality development, great attention to detail, keen analytic and investigative skills. Bilingual, English and French, just in case you were wondering. Philippe currently works for Spirent Communications, but in any case, the opinions here are his own.
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