Is it Christmas already? Déjà Noël ?

The saying is that “time flies when you’re having fun”, yet it is known that time perception slows as you’re experiencing new things.

That seems a bit like a contradiction: time is passing slowly, yet it feels like no time has passed when it’s over?

Well, it certainly feels like that to me. A few days ago, I celebrated (quietly) my first anniversary working for Dell Software. It has been a year of discoveries, new colleagues, new things to work on, and some lulls (as it sometimes happens). It certainly didn’t feel like time was rushing by. Yet here we are, and last year’s Christmas feels like, well, a few days ago…

My theory (although I wouldn’t claim to have invented it) is that your personal sense of elapsed time is affected by how long you’ve already lived. When I was little, life seemed to take forever. Even when I was 18, five years of engineering school to get my first degree seemed like a very long time. Now that I am 50, one more year is only an extra 1/50th, then 1/51th… When you’re 10, the next year is a whole 10% of your life all over again—whoa 🙂

Oh well, Merry Christmas everyone, again 😉

And a Happy New Year 2015, of course.

Le dicton est que “le temps file quand on s’amuse”, bien qu’il soit connu que la perception du temps est ralentie quand nous faisons l’experience de choses nouvelles.

Cela semble contradictoire: le temps passe lentement, mais il semble que ça n’a duré qu’un instant quand c’est fini?

En tout cas, c’est l’impression que j’ai. Il y a quelques jours, j’ai fêté mon premier anniversaire chez Dell Software. Cela a été une année de découvertes, nouveaux collègues, nouvelles choses sur quoi travailler, et quelques périodes creuses (comme ça arrive). Il ne m’a pas semblé que le temps passait vite. Et pourtant, il me semble que le Noël de l’année dernière était il n’y a que quelques jours…

Ma théorie (que je ne prétendrais pas avoir inventé) est que le sens personnel du temps écoulé est proportionnel à l’âge. Quand j’étais petit, le temps ne semblait jamais finir. Même à 18 ans, cinq ans d’école d’ingénieur me semblait très long. Maintenant que j’ai 50 ans, une année de plus n’est seulement qu’un 50ème de ma vie, puis 1/51ème… Quand vous avez 10 ans, l’année qui suit, c’est un plein dixième de votre existence complète à vivre à nouveau—m’enfin!

Allez, Joyeux Noël à tous, une fois de plus 😉

Ha, et Bonne Année 2015, bien sûr.

About Philippe Lasnier

A French- and British-educated professional software engineer with over 33 years of broad experience and a solid history of developing high-quality software for large and small companies across a range of applications and different industries; particularly experienced in C, C++; the development of middleware, internal components, core code, and APIs; solo, in a team, or as lead of small teams. Recognised for high-quality development, great attention to detail, keen analytic and investigative skills. Bilingual, English and French, just in case you were wondering. Philippe currently works for Spirent Communications, but in any case, the opinions here are his own.
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