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A French- and British-educated professional software engineer with over 33 years of broad experience and a solid history of developing high-quality software for large and small companies across a range of applications and different industries; particularly experienced in C, C++; the development of middleware, internal components, core code, and APIs; solo, in a team, or as lead of small teams. Recognised for high-quality development, great attention to detail, keen analytic and investigative skills. Bilingual, English and French, just in case you were wondering. Philippe currently works for Spirent Communications, but in any case, the opinions here are his own.

The Mystery of the Disappearing Bccs

I’m supposed to be an email expert, so you can imagine that I was pretty frustrated not being able to understand why Bcc recipients were disappearing from my sent emails. Let’s set the scene: I am nursing my old Windows … Continue reading

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Experience is not competence

Competence is being able to do something well. Experience is the accumulation of knowledge and know-how that, if used well, can enhance your competence. But while experience can enhance your competence, the two are not rigidly linked, and experience and … Continue reading

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Brexit—what have they done?

Note the third-person form of this post’s title. That’s because I didn’t vote in the recent referendum. That’s not because I couldn’t have voted, if I had truly wanted to, but to do this I would have needed to become … Continue reading

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Is it Christmas already? Déjà Noël ?

The saying is that “time flies when you’re having fun”, yet it is known that time perception slows as you’re experiencing new things. That seems a bit like a contradiction: time is passing slowly, yet it feels like no time … Continue reading

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The benefits of continuous micro-fixing

In software engineering, “micro-fixes” are these small fixes that you make to the code of a software product. Like the fixes of defects of all types and sizes, they are synergistic: the overall improvement is always greater than the sum … Continue reading

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It’s not its

I am constantly saddened by the poor standards of writing in general. On the one hand, I know that this is nothing new, as there will always be people who can’t write correctly, lots of them, to varying degrees. That … Continue reading

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Quality is important

I meant to write a small post on why it’s important to write software of the highest quality, but it turns out that I don’t need to – many others have done it better. Instead, I’ll write about what it … Continue reading

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So what about calculators collecting? (part 1: self-pity)

Everybody needs a calculator or two hundreds don’t they? No? Oh, maybe it’s just me then. At it happens, I am not the only one, so I feel slightly reassured by the fact that my disease is not unknown, that … Continue reading

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Email musing: so, what are these P1 recipients then?

Have you heard of them? No? I’m not surprised, this is kinda technical stuff, but in what I was doing, this was essential. In a nutshell, P1 recipients (I’ll explain later why they’re called that) are the actual recipients of … Continue reading

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Gosh, a blog…

Oh no, not another one! This is a slightly cynical move on my part, as it was suggested to me that blogging would increase my online visibility, which is a good thing as I am currently “seeking new opportunities”. So … Continue reading

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